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How do I choose the right padel racket?

Dear padel lovers!

Choosing a padel racket can be one of the biggest challenges a player faces. With different materials, shapes, brands, weights, etc., it is very easy to get lost. Q Padel Shop therefore wants to make this clear for you. Top equipment ensures top performance!

Choose the best padel racket for your style and level
It is essential to find a suitable padel racket that suits your level and needs. The right racket will not only enhance your performance and increase your enjoyment of the game, but will also prevent arm injuries. The right racket makes the difference between a frustrating match or a match where everything goes well and where you get into the right flow.

The form

  • Round shape (control) : Ideal for control and great for both beginners and world-class players like Stupa, Alex Ruiz and Lamperti. This is an example of a good round racket: link.
  • Teardrop shape (balance) : Also called a hybrid racket, perfect for players who do not yet have a specialized game or who are strong both defensively and offensively. Belasteguin and Sanyo use teardrop rackets. This is an example of a good teardrop racket: link.
  • Diamond shape (power) : The most powerful, favorite among professionals such as Alejandro Galán. Perfect for offensive players, but more difficult to maneuver. This is an example of a good diamond-shaped racket: link.
The balance
  • Low balance : Weight close to the grip, ideal for quick reactions and control.
  • Medium balance : Provides versatility and a balance between power and control.
  • High Balance : Maximum power, but harder to manipulate.

The weight

  • Under 365g: Ideal for beginners and players with arm injuries.
  • Above 365g: More power, recommended for advanced and experienced players.

The material

  • The surface : Choose between soft rackets (fiberglass) for comfort or hard rackets (carbon/carbon) for power. Often a combination of both is used to create the best of both worlds.
  • The bottom line: FOAM provides comfort and absorbs fast balls, while EVA offers durability and less flexibility but more power. More expensive rackets are often made of carbon and an EVA rubber core.

Pro tip: focus on your strengths! If you win a lot of points with your strong smash, go for a diamond-shaped racket that emphasizes that extra. If you win the games with your place balls, perhaps go for a teardrop-shaped or round racket to be able to play that extra 10% in precision.

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See you soon on the field and have fun! Be sure to let us know if our tips help. We like to actively engage in discussions on social media.

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